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Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower rural communities in developing countries through the cooperative construction of pedestrian bridges. Our bridges provide safe and reliable access to clinics, schools, markets, and workplaces to communities previously isolated by impassable rivers. Moreover, our cooperative model makes our projects a life-changing experience that builds critical capacity in the communities we work with.

What is NDSEED?

NDSEED has allowed for over 1,500+ rural community members to have better access to education, food, health care, and other communities through the construction of the bridges. 

Footbridges result in 

2% increase in children enrolled in school[1]

18% increase in healthcare treatment[1]

45% increase in fertilizer investment[2]

56% increase in crop yield[2]

75% increase in farm profits[2]

30% increase in labor market income[2]

59% increase of women in the labor market[2]

Over 320+ course credits have been dedicated to NDSEED by the students involved.

[1] Tuladhar, Artha (2007). Trail Bridge Building in the Himalayas: Enhanced Access, Improved Livelihoods. Helvetas, Swiss Association for International Cooperation.

[2] Brooks, W., & Donovan, K. (2017). Eliminating Uncertainty in Market Access: The Impact of New Bridges in Rural Nicaragua. In Understanding Productivity Growth in Agriculture. University of Chicago Press.